Why a Russian wife?



Perhaps you will be a little surprised with our approach to this subject. Usually, Russian dating and marriage sites try to convince the guy that there are a hundred and one wonderful reasons to have a Russian wife. But we do not want you to have any misunderstandings regarding what may be in store for you in your process of dating and marrying a Russian or Ukrainian woman.    Please do not misunderstand our intentions.  The process of finding, dating, and marrying a Russian or Ukrainian lady can be a beautiful and wonderful experience.  It could alter your life for the better forever.  However, we want you to know the truth about what lies ahead.   We will not attempt to persuade you here or tell you again and again that “Russian and Ukrainian ladies make the most caring, loving and beautiful wives on the planet (even though this is a true!:)).
Right now we would like to ask YOU this question: “Why a Russian wife?” And you owe it to yourself to be absolutely truthful when answering this question.  This will help you avoid some huge and devastating mistakes made by some men when choosing a marriage partner.
So, let’s think…actually, there are many reasons men may consider marrying a Russian women.  One may say:
a)    “…They are not spoiled like American women.  With my financial situation/health problem/debts/life-style, any normal American lady would not marry me.  Plus, a Russian girl may not speak good English and could lack an understanding of  finances and intricacies of American life.  When she will really understand that I have big problems, it will be too late and she will already be my wife…” or

b)    “They are not demanding.  I am who I am, and it is too late to improve or “teach an old dog new tricks”.  She will be patient with all my weaknesses like nobody else“… or

c)    “Wow, I can marry a 30 year younger girl!  Isn’t that a dream come true for any mortal man?  She will love me and care about me all my life just because I gave her a chance to escape  Russia/Ukraine and live here…” or

d)    “These Russians are so cute and sexy!  All guys will be drooling when they see me with her…”
Please stop and be cautious!  These all are horrible reasons!!!  Maybe there is some truth in some of these statements, but the main reason to marry a Russian woman should be: You would like to have an intelligent, multifaceted, beautiful, caring and unselfish Life Partner by your side.
Congratulations!!! You are a lucky man, because you have access to plenty of valuable resources here on our blog.  Feel free to read, learn and educate yourself about Russian people and their culture and mentality.  Do not be surprised if you will feel that we are too straightforward and sometimes even a little bit hard on you.  You deserve to know all of the TRUTH, in order that you will never be the victim of cheap and careless marketing tricks (or marriage scammers) again.  We want you to make an educated decision and never regret that you married a beautiful and caring, and, yes, sometimes a little demanding real and genuine RUSSIAN WOMAN.


  • Dale says:

    Women are different creatures no matter what part of the world they come from. Then, to ask one to be a marriage partner, is not a light matter. Many women possess the same qualities as expressed in this post, caring, multifaceted and intelligent. However, for me, the real difference is the cultural training and conditioning that seems to be a prevalent trend with a Ukrainian woman and that is the dedication to her family before a career, or anything else. There is a saying, “No success can compensate for a failure in the home.”. This has been my philosophy and to find a woman who shares it makes this adventure, easier and more directed towards the common elements instead of focusing on the differences. Her personal ambitions to create a home with caring and dedication to family members makes her a more attractive prospect as a marriage partner and life partner. At least in my opinion. Thanks for the post.

    • togetherforever says:

      Dale, you have a great philosophy. Thank you for sharing. I think a lot of the men who have married Russian or Ukrainian woman agree with you. Just ask my husband.:) However, I would just like to add that there are plenty of wonderful, beautiful hardworking and family-oriented Western/American women… Some fortunate men met their sweethearts in high school, fell in love, married…and lived happily married ever after. But what about the men who couldn’t find their soul mate so easily? Here we are! At TFI we give people more options to find their love even if she is living on the other side of the planet. And you are really on track to so revere the wonderful qualities of Ukrainian ladies. Thanks for your post, Dale!

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