Happy Thanksgiving – What I am Thankful for…

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

ThanksgivingUnfortunately, there is no such thing as Thanksgiving Day in Russia, probably because we have never had Native Americans or Pilgrims there… But if I would be the President of Russia I would make this an additional national holiday, anyway.  Why? Because so many people take so much for granted, and complain about little things, bad weather, or unfair politicians.

Also, if I would be in charge of the our Education Department I would create a program so the last hour of each school week on Friday would be a Gratitude Hour. Each teacher and all students would share what they are most  grateful for from the previous week. It’s so important to cultivate a grateful heart because that’s where vibrations of happiness begin.

And since it’s Turkey Day eve and the season for gratefulness, I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving day and and tell you some major things I am grateful for… I actually could write a long essay about this subject, but probably it’s good to leave some things for the next Thanksgiving… 🙂

Let’s see…

I am thankful for my health and my unique humanly body.  I’m not a Super Woman by any means, neither a Beauty Queen (thankfully, my husband still loves me, anyway)… I have a destructible and mortal human body, which isn’t a great thought, and sometimes I feel very tired or can even become quite sick.  However, if I treat it well, get the right amount of sleep, try to eat healthy, get enough hydration, etc. — it works amazingly well…most of the time.

I am thankful for people I love and who love me, namely, my wonderful family and friends… Did you know that two of the top regrets people make on their deathbeds are “I wish I didn’t work so hard” and “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends”?  By simplifying our life style and creating more space for relationships we will be much happier along the road, because it is all comes down to LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS in the end.

I am always thankful for all of my successes, but along with that comes my failures. Without failing I would never be able to learn from my mistakes and correct my path… This process is what actually creates lasting success and happiness!  Going through the highs and lows of life has made me the woman who I am today, and I am very thankful for that.

I am thankful for having the Internet and this platform to share my ideas and inspire others to love, be loved and never be alone anymore!  And I’m grateful for the opportunities I have had to make connections with other people who want to find their love.  I believe this is  a very noble mission. Thank you!  Thank you!!!

Lastly, I am thankful that I am alive!  Woohoo!!!… I can see the beautiful sunset from my window…

Thanksgiving can mean so many things, but as I think of what I am really thankful for, I know it is so much more than just a holiday.  It’s a reminder to stay grateful for our wonderful lives.

So… What are you grateful for?  It’s now your turn, my friend…

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