Three main mistakes men need to avoid when dating a Russian Lady

dreamstime_s_33168691We all make mistakes, especially if we try to do some new things, right? How many times did you fall down when trying to learn to ride a bicycle?  And by the way, were you wearing a helmet and knee protectors?  Good!:) Here at TFI we can’t guarantee you will not make any mistakes, because we can not and do not want to control you. However, we would like to be your “helmet”, so if you even “fall”, you will not be hurt and can quickly get back on a track. Moreover, we would like to help to eliminate some of your mistakes,even before they happen. Even though all our clients are all different, their mistakes can be quite typical, and we would like to talk about some of them right now.

•    It is totally understandable that you want to be a “super hero” for your lady, but your desire to satisfy all her wishes should be REASONABLE, too… So, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY “NO” to your lady. For example, if your Russian or Ukrainian lady wants you to visit this summer, and there is no way you can make it before this fall, be honest and tell her this unpleasant fact. If you honestly explain your situation or difficulties you may have this month, you will not hurt her feelings. We are all people, and we have good times and bad times. And believe us, it is much better that you will be honest now than be stressed out later. Let’s face it, it is always easier (and seems like more masculine) to say “YES, DEAR”, but please, don’t promise what is difficult or impossible to deliver, You can loose!

•    Be sure that your relationships are “two way streets”. What we mean by this is that you need to feel equal effort from your Russian/Ukrainian girl in building your relationship. For example, if you have asked her for two months to send you some new pictures from her last trip to the sea cost, and she is “too busy” to get it done, that’s definitely a problem. Also, if she hasn’t progressed in her English since your first call, this is a bad sign as well. Your relationship should be a top priority for her, just like it is for you.

•    Don’t be caught up too long on the “just letter writing” level unless you’re only looking for a Lifetime Pen Pal. If you are looking for a wife, go to the next level at least by 7-10 letters… Speak, chat, and enjoy some inventions of this 21st century. Don’t waste your time and money just writing letters! Through letter writing it is extremely difficult to understand who she really is! You will gain a better appreciation and understanding of her personality and character when you actually hear her voice and speak with her. And she will benefit as well.

We guarantee you: not one owner of any other agencies would advise you this way, because they are  mostly just interested in your money.  We hope you can feel that our priority is your ultimate success and happiness.  🙂

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