Eastern European Women…the three most popular myths


There are plenty of popular myths and rumors about Eastern European women.  Because we strive to be your most helpful and authentic International marriage resource, we would like to honestly make a real effort to debunk or “bust” many popular myths and help give you a more true picture of things the way they are in reality.  With a correct understanding and perception of the process of dating Russian ladies, you will have a much better chance of being truly successful.  This is our genuine wish for you!


Let’s begin with one of the most popular myth.

“Single Eastern European Women  prefer much older men (up to 25-30 years older)”.

False. This is a myth in much part created by some dishonest marriage agencies which are more interested in your money then in your successful marriage. They strongly encourage 20-25 year old girls to write letters to 55-60 years old men.  Then  these gentlemen are amazed with the youth and beauty and become willing to pay a lot of money.  They think: “Why not???  I deserve it!   Look, my mail box is full of letters from these sexy young Russian brides.   They want ME!  They must be desperate and willing to marry someone so much older…just to come to America.   It is OK that she is younger then my daughter…  It is probably their tradition to settle for much older men.  Who knows why.”

If your goal is to enjoy a long and happy marriage, think twice before you decide to correspond with a Russian lady who is 20+ years younger then you.  We will not say that this is a 100 percent failure because there can be some exceptions. We have some happy couples with an big age differences. But always remember there is substantial risk.  Think long term.  If you are a young looking guy in your late fifties right now, then right now would be fine.  But what kind of a relationship will you most likely be able to offer your 25 year old Russian bride in 20 years. Please do not be selfish.  Please consider her feelings, desires, and needs as a woman.  Just imagine how it would be to be married to a woman 25 years older than you when you are say 40 years old???  She would be 65.   Then how would things be in 10 more years.  Not a pretty thought, is it.  Some guys would just say, “I don’t care about an age issue.  Age is only a number.  I want to enjoy the present, for who knows the future.  Unfortunately,  there are serious flaws in this type “present moment” thinking when it comes to a serious and loving marriage.  For example, the conflict of interests, hobbies, different views on having or rising children, and so on.   One real issue from her standpoint is that there is a possibility that she may want to marry you because she somehow believes that marriage to a much older man could be her ticket to a better future.  However, do you want to marry a lady who wants only to use you this way or to be able to enjoy your money or things???  In this situation, how long do you think she would really be happy and stay with you???  So, our dear friend, it is up to you.  Please try to be sensitive and careful.  Ask for our advice if you are not sure about certain situations.   We will do our very best to help you and answer any questions or give any advice we can.  We only want you to be happy with your choice for a long, long time.


Next popular myth:

“Russian/Ukrainian women are submissive, sacrificing creatures, very giving and selfless– who will be perfect housewives, and will sit home to satisfy every whim of her husband.”

This is definitely far from reality.  Of course, Ukrainian and Russian women are sweet, warm and proudly feminine, but  at the same time most of them are very energetic, smart, witty and businesslike.  They can also be perky and confidant when they need to protect their rights or the rights of their children.  If you noticed in our Together Forever International dating agency about 85 percent or more of our women are well educated with complete college or University degrees.  Many of them have a decent job, such as a doctor or lawyer.  So if you dream about a lady by your side who will be a classic stay at home and cook and clean type housewife, better discuss this subject with your bride in advance because statistically more Russian and Ukrainian women would like to have at least a part time job or help her husband with his business. Once she has settled and established herself in her new life, her new culture and lifestyle, she will quite likely want to contribute in every way she can to her new family.

Another quite popular myth you have probably heard:

A Russian wife is a cheaper and low-maintenance, and not demanding like an  American/Western European wife.”

Very funny!:))  Our first reaction was to give you a couple of our guy’s telephone numbers who have been happily married for years with the Russian ladies from our agency…They would tell you that this is entirely false.  Russian ladies traditionally are particularly very well groomed and well dressed and they will need to continue this tradition here in your country in order to continue to highlight their beauty and sensuality…  Nope, their Russian wives did not lead them to the bankruptcy, but marrying Russian a woman is definitely not like buying Nordstrom stuff at the Walmart prices.  It is fair to say that all the required process of preparation, going to her country to meet her, paperwork, and flying her here is certainly not cheap.  The expenses involved are quite different from meeting the “girl next door” girlfriend.  You also need to think that you will bring a lady (sometimes with her child/children from her first marriage) to your country where she will not be able to go and work immediately.  This process of work authorization, adaptation to the new culture and learning the language well can take longer than you think.  Additionally, you are responsible to help her establish her new life within your country.  Always remember that she left much behind –  her family, her friends, and her comfort zone…to come to you.  She will need to feel very confident of both your love and your ability to provide good financial security for your new family.  We hope we did not frightened you.  This is certainly not our intent.  However, if you know what to truly expect…and work hard to develop genuine love and caring of your new beautiful and precious Russian or Ukrainian wife, it will all be more than worth it!!!.  We never promise that this will be easy.   We are realistic, and know what it takes.  But we can promise for sure that you can be the happiest man in the world with your Russian or Ukrainian wife…when you are smart, plan well, take wise advise, and develop true and genuine love for your wonderful bride!   We are here to help!

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