Russian dating scams or…forewarned is for-armed.


My blog post for today is a reflection of a recent incident which occurred with one of my new clients… let’s name him Steven.  I can admit I  probably took things a little too personally, almost like it would have happened to me. I hate when scammers  take advantage of men who happen to be in a vulnerable condition, and have opened their hearts to receiving new love, or at least, to a possibility of finding new true love.

If you can imagine, Steven and I previously had about two hours of phone conversation with one another. As is usually the case with all my new clients, I tried to portray to him a realistic picture of international dating along with all attendant pluses and minuses. Even though Steven seemed to be a little skeptical during our conversation, he wrote me a really good and sincere letter later that day saying that I had renewed his faith in Internet dating and made him feel very comfortable to begin this romantic endeavor. Honestly, I felt very good about it as well!  I feel on  top of the world when I see a person’s  future vision become more clear and promising, as he gains confidence to change his life for the better.

At the end of our conversation I felt that I should warn Steve to be very cautious, especially in the beginning.  I knew from my previous experience helping enthusiastic men, that as soon as a man is overloaded with excitement, he often goes and spends all night browsing more and more Russian Dating agencies, and enjoys looking at photos of many beautiful women who seem to be begging him: “Choose me…Choose me!”

Unfortunately, not all these agencies and women are real and honest.  So, I said:  “Steve, if you will like somebody on other sites it’s not a problem.  Just please, don’t make any spontaneous decisions, and especially, don’t use your credit card ’till tomorrow. If you find someone interesting, please copy the url of the site and the ladies’ ID, and show me in the morning.  I’ll be able to tell you about the agency’s reputation, maybe even can speak with the owner about you, and ask about those ladies.”

To make long story short, Steve didn’t listen to me and did exactly the opposite.  He did not return my call the next day, and we didn’t talk for three days. Then he called and ask if I know “matchmaker Natalia from Kiev”. With a bad feeling in my stomach, I asked him name of the site.  I looked through the very immature site and fake girls’ pictures (not even profiles, just thumbnail pictures!) and he continued to tell me that “Natalia” chatted with him 3 nights ago for about 30 minutes on Skype. “She looked so real, very cute and charismatic! She told me about her agency, her numerous gorgeous girls clients and that in order to start to benefit from her huge experience and expertise, I need to send her $700 by Western Union” – Steven said.  He sent $500 the same night an a down payment, and did not hear from that “marriage guru” since. “Hmm… it’s quite a rate – $500 per 30 minutes of chatting, don’t  you think?” – I asked Steve. And if you can believe this, he then asked, “Do you think I’ve lost it?” Wow!

I thought things like these could happen only 10-15 years ago, during the boom with Russian Dating. But I didn’t expect that a well-educated, worldly-wise businessman could be such an easy catch for scammers nowadays!

So, instead of warning and educating each single man who would like to find his true love in Russia, I will address this post to all “newbies”, or even some more experienced men, who may still be too trusting to these “charismatic dating gurus”. Here are some “red flags” of which you need to be aware:

  • Real agency owner/representatives will NEVER ask you to send money by “Western Union”, MoneyGram, or any other similar money systems. Legit agencies will always have credit card /PayPal processing system on their site, or at least a PayPal account with the owner’s name.
  • Real agencies must have well-done, technically accomplished websites, where you can see ladies’ profiles with more than a couple of pictures. You should also be able to register as a client on the site, interact with ladies, etc.
  • A real agency will never charge you hundreds dollars in advance without providing something first, such as introducing you to  women, or doing 3 way calls or video chat. An exception from this rule would be if you’re buying Romantic Tour  package from the site. However, you need to remember that it’s always a bad idea to go on a romantic group tour before you have a real connection with a lady through correspondence, 3 way calls and chats.

I’ll tell you more about other possible pitfalls, as well as best Russian dating strategies in my next posts. Till then, be safe and hopefully, be in love soon. 🙂

P.S. Our new and beautiful will go live shortly… See you there soon!

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  • alan says:

    Really insightful post! Yes, it is really quite something how so many men of means and education seem not to have blessed with much common sense. It’s great to know that there are honest and caring people like you, Antonia, who can help good men from around the world find wonderful and beautiful ladies living in Russia and Ukraine. And yes, there are many scammers and dishonest people trying only to take men’s money…but you are truly a gem, and the best expert I know.

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