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What is better: Having 5000 potential foreign brides or 50?  Searching independently or using personal help?  Choosing quality or quantity?  Our good friends who are themselves an international couple and matchmaking agency owners, Stephen and Elena, wrote this great article for our blog which will help answer these questions, and provide a closer perspective of this compelling subject. Enjoy! 🙂

IMG_0647-1Matchmaking has been making a name for itself in recent years, aided by a popular cable TV show on Bravo network called Millionaire Matchmaker. It is becoming the preferred method for busy professionals because of the many advantages this method has over traditional on-line dating.

International Matchmaking has also entered the limelight as being a more trusted and effective method for men searching for a foreign bride, especially from Eastern Europe and the former USSR.

This is true, in part, because the biggest names in international on-line dating (just do a Google search for mail-order-bride to see their names) have become increasingly condemned for hiring thousands of women to simply pretend to be searching for marriage just to chat with men for financial gain for themselves and the company.   They can no longer fool the majority of intelligent men and continue to prosper only by preying on men who allow themselves to be cheated and haven’t yet realized there are other ways that work.

Here are some estimated statistics:

The biggest agencies out there, those having more than 5,000 women profiles, are directly responsible for helping only 1 man out of 10,000 men find his bride. That is pretty pathetic results for companies that take in so much revenue. International Matchmakers, however, have much higher conversion ratios. It is safe to say that at least 9% to 12% of their clients find their brides.

One very common misconception is men believe they will spend more money and more time using a personal matchmaker without results, compared to using a traditional international dating site. This is false. The average man spends $286 dollars in a year searching for a bride. In the above example, the ‘bigger agencies’ collect revenues of $286,000 for each bride produced (1 out of 10,000). A matchmaker is only collecting $2860 for each bride produced (1 out of 10). Time spent is greatly reduced and results are greatly increased because the matchmaker is already introducing you to verifiable, non-scamming women with similar interests meeting your search criteria.

Big agencies do not give personal service. A matchmaker will get to know you first before helping select and communicate with perspective brides. Your matchmaker is able to sit-in on your video Skype dates, translate if necessary, and evaluate the progress being made. They’ll make suggestions along the way to steer things in the right direction. Some matchmakers are also relationship consolers and therefore the feedback they can provide is invaluable. The matchmaker can perform post interviews with both man and woman and “read between the lines” to understand if the relationship is moving in the right direction. They can even quickly perform damage control if you inadvertently screw something up that would otherwise jeopardize the relationship. Still, if things are not meant to be with a particular individual the matchmaker will save you time and money by suggesting to move on to the next candidate. As in poker, sometimes you got to know when to fold’em.


Perhaps the most notable reason to use a matchmaker, over an on-line international dating site, is the immediate access to truly eligible women who are honest and committed to finding a foreign man to start a lifelong relationship with. You see it’s very easy for any woman to sign up for something on-line, when they do not have to show their face or get out of bed to do so. It takes courage, faith, and a belief in one’s self to contact a matchmaker and visit them in person, while openly revealing a lot about their life so that a true match can be made.

Here is a common question a lot of men have been asking lately: With all the turmoil going on in Ukraine and Russia recently, is now a good time to begin my search for a bride?

The answer: Absolutely!

In fact, the events unfolding in Ukraine are actually making a Western men’s chances sky rocket unlike anything we’ve seen in the industry since the years directly after the fall of communism in the early 1990’s. Ukrainian women, including the career orientated and successful ones, who might have been on the fence for a long time are now, more than ever, seriously believe that this year is the time. With a lack of available men in their home country, in addition to a looming collapse in economic stability, this is probably the year when the most eligible women, not just young unemployed 20 year olds, will consider foreign marriage as a real and viable option.

Professional International Matchmaking agencies offer the kind of one to one solutions that those big on-line dating sites will never be able to provide. Many thousands of high achievers, professionals and those who did not realize this was an option are coming in droves and ditching those agencies that have the equivalent to a .001 batting average. Bringing a beautiful foreign bride into your life is actually achievable with an honest and experienced matchmaker.

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