How to look your best to attract a Russian woman

how_look_best_for_russian_woman“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Clothes are instant language.”— Miuccia Prada

Let’s face it… Most Americans are very relaxed about their clothing.  Even celebrities and millionaires don’t often care enough about what they wear and how to wear it.  Do you remember Bill Gates’ famous stretch sweaters?  How about  Mark Zukerberg’s washed out t-shirts, or the baggy sweats of Mary-Kate Olsen?  I’m not even talking about the simple people who wear PJ’s in grocery stores (and at Walmart “fashion shows”).  Actually, when I first arrived here in America I was quite shocked to see people dressed so extremely casually…

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”— Karl Lagerfeld

As Americans, we are great at many things.  In fact, we are the greatest in most things, and more often than not, we are the envy of the world.  Yet, there remains one element of our culture that is miles BEHIND the rest of the world: fashion.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying that the majority of people in this country have a chronic problem with their aesthetic “taste buds”.  But I do think that in the western world there’s a national tendency of “under-dressiness”.  And actually, I think there are two main reasons for that:  1.  We are too practical.  It seems to be quite common to appreciate a good pair of sweat pants rather than an expensive suite, right?   2.   I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I think Americans are often too self-assured and may feel like they’re well enough off and just fine…without any appreciable effort.  Again, I’m not referring to the entire population of United States; it’s just an observation and a comparison of American and European fashion cultures.

You already know that Russian women differ greatly from American women in the way they dress and present themselves.  Russian women are very dressy, and don’t just dress up to go out and have a good time.  They dress very nicely almost all of the time.  I remember when one of my clients, Richard, excitedly shared one of his impressions with me when he came back from his very first trip to Kiev.  Part of his letter to me is as follows:

“…eight o’clock of Monday morning…I’m in Ukraine, Kiev’s Subway.  What is going on here today?  I almost broke my neck starring around.  Is it a national holiday? Beauty contest?  Model parade?  90% of all young women have incredible make up, dressed up attractive and sexy…wearing high heels.  Everyone, it seems, got a crash course in the power of proper tailoring and color coordination.  I consider myself a very well dressed man, yet I found myself somehow un- chic.  It was a sight that I’ve never seen in any American city.  My translator says with a smile  –  “It’s normal, just a usual Monday.  Women are ready for work.”

So, the question is:  What to do…and how to look in order to attract the beautiful Russian woman of your dreams???  Hint:  You don’t need to be the most attractive man in the world.  Also, it’s really not necessary to completely change your style or break the bank in order to buy all new clothes so you can show off.  And most importantly, you don’t need to be somebody…you are not.

I remember when back in my teen age years, I would be too self conscious about my appearance.  My mom would tell me one old Russian proverb: “Tonia, when people will meet you they will judge you by your clothes, but when they see you off, they will judge you by your brain”.  And I would argue:  “But mom, if my appearance will not be attractive enough I will not even have a chance to show them my excellent brain”.  And there’s quite a bit of truth to that.  A person’s first appearance and impression will always be of great importance and effect.  No matter how much money you have in your wallet, or even though you may be a truly great person…your over-all appearance will not go unnoticed!

As you already know, when placing yourself on any dating site, it all starts from your personal profile pictures.  So let me ask you if you would be attracted to a woman who would be wearing her mom’s baggy pants, has a skinny pony tail, big heavy glasses and yellow teeth?  It all seems so obvious, but you can’t imagine how many poor quality men profile pictures I’ve seen showing unkempt, old hair styles, a rough week’s old whisker growth, and dingy soiled clothing.  Since Russian women like to look their best at all times, they will probably appreciate it if you do as well.  So, have a nice styled haircut in your picture, keep your facial hair groomed nicely, and put on your award winning smile.  And by the way, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to create a portfolio in a professional photo studio.  Just look your best and ask your friend to take a couple of good shots of you.

And that leads us to an even more serious question:   How do you dress when flying to Russia/Ukraine to meet your Russian woman?

1.  Don’t wear strange or uncommon clothes.  No cowboy’s garb, strange boots and hats, or that sweater with a big picture of a deer or two Mom presented you last Christmas.  No cargo pants with ten pockets if you are not a carpenter, and maybe not even then…  Try to keep an eye on successful men, the ones women want here in America.  Browse a man’s magazine or just Google it – “how successful men dress”…  Don’t go and directly copy them, but watch and analyze the details.  Some men will be more attractive with shirts, some other with stripes and a couple with tight t-shirts.  That just depends on you.  Seek advice and why not ask a woman with good fashion sense what she thinks suits you best.  Consider what will capture the attention and curiosity of other women.

2.  Remove your excess hair.  Some men look nice with short beards or a mustache, or even when skipping a day or two of shaving, but do you?  If not, shave.  Russian woman mostly like fresh shaven men, or at least with a neat “goatee”.  Don’t forget to take care of your eyebrows (your hairdresser will be happy to help), as well as nose and ear hair.  Believe me…too much hair in these areas can be a huge turn-off!…and it doesn’t take much nose or ear hair to do it!

3.  Get rid of those old fashioned glasses.  If you have them, it can easily add at least ten years to your real age.

4.  Shoes are almost the most important article of clothing which Russian women take very seriously.  I know it’s different in America, but not with Russian women! One time I attended a business presentation in Salt Lake City where I also invited some of my Russian girl friends.  The gentleman who presented was quite well off.  However, in the middle of his presentation my friend Carina whispered to me: “Are you sure he really is a businessman?”   I didn’t understand why she would ask such a question.  Then she went on…”Did you see his shoes??”  If you would like to experiment with your image and look a bit more up-to-date and more European in style, you could start thinking about dropping the snickers and getting a couple of those good quality casual, genuine leather shoes.

5.  Invest in some grooming, at least for your own curiosity.  Ask yourself “How can I look my best today?” Here’s an idea:  Why not find a very good barber shop or hair style salon and thumb through some hair style magazines there.  Then try to imagine which one would look very good on you, and then see if the hair stylist will try to do that style on you…

6.  Try whitening your teeth if they’re not perfectly white.  Regarding teeth… no Russian girl would ever be caught dead kissing a guy with dirty, yellow teeth… You can bet on that!

And don’t think you should do all of this for your Russian girlfriend alone.  You owe it to yourself, as well!  This investment will generously pay you off with much improved self-respect, increased self-confidence…or maybe even a promotion at work.  And we’re sure that your Russian girlfriend and other acquaintances will appreciate your effort.  With just a little work on your part…you can stop being “one other guy” and become a standout wherever you may decide to venture in your life.  After all, most men can become physically attractive and desirable through a little effort in the areas of proper fashion and grooming!

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    Wow, very excellent advice having a perfectly good flow in the way it was written, including so many detailed pointers in every breath. You should have a syndicated advice column in papers and magazines.

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