Online Russian Dating: Five Things Every Man Should Know Before Starting

This week is the one year anniversary since we started building our new platform version of Together Forever Int. ¬†Yippee! ūüôā ¬†We’re putting a few final finishing touches at this moment, and are almost ready to launch our brand new baby.¬† Honestly, it’s been quite a tumultuous journey to this point.¬†¬†We’ve had many ups and downs, but we finally made it!¬†¬†I’m a strong believer that if you want to start anything new – from your business to your relationship – expect to be regularly leaving your comfort zone, and do plenty of good pre-work planning. As always, I write my posts completely based on my own experience with our clients over the past eight years working in the¬†Online Russian Dating and International Matchmaking business. ¬†When I thought about what advice I would give my closest friend who might be considering his dating journey, I found these five points to be very vital to being ultimately successful. So here we go…


1. Make a Goal to Find Your Right Partner a Top Priority.

Imagine your future relationship as a beautiful living plant.¬† First, it’s only a little seed with a huge potential to grow. If you devote time and attention to nurture your plant it will begin to bud and develop into something wonderful. ¬†So, do it now! ¬† If you just take one step forward and two steps back, you will end up in the same place as now, lonely and unhappy, even in 5 years.

2. Get rid of your limiting believes.

We all have limiting beliefs.¬†¬†They are the small voices that whisper in the dark, trying to protect us, but keeping us stuck in fear.¬†¬†“That’s all spam”, “Russian women just use men for coming to the USA”, “I will be hurt again”‚Ķ. If you don’t believe you can find you real love, then just give up now. But if you do…the sky is a the limit!¬† Reflect deep within yourself. ¬†Do you have faith that your Soul-mate exists somewhere on this earth? ¬†If your feeling is good about this, then ponder about where she could be. ¬†Just maybe she is waiting for you on the other side of the planet. ¬†And if you like that idea, then why not go for it. ¬†Just be careful and let us help you be successful and efficient in your search.

3. Share your goal with the Agency’s Director/Owner

Officially, our mission at Together Forever Int is “To serve with integrity uniting hearts together forever!” ¬†That means that our highest priority is to make your experience in Online Russian Dating more safe, enjoyable and affordable. ¬†We not only want to help you find your Soul-mate, but also, would like you to spend less time, money and effort than you would do with any other international marriage agency.¬† We are very transparent about our intentions. However, it’s always very strange to realize that about 70% of our clients don’t take advantage of the individual help we offer. ¬†Some of our clients poke around on our site for more than a year and never ask for our personal assistance. ¬†It’s kind of like having the latest I-Phone (or Samsung Galaxy android) in your night stand drawer for whole year, but you continue to use your ten-year-old brick cell phone. ¬†We can make such a huge difference…if you will just ask for our help and follow our advise.

4. Accept that disappointment can happen along the way.

Of course, it’s no secret that not 100% men and ladies in online Dating Agencies end up happily married. Not all marriages in any dating situation do either. ¬†But give yourself realistic time and be patient. ¬†Anything as wonderful as finding your life-partner…is worth the wait and effort.

5. Be realistic.

If you are new to this endeavor,¬† you will be surprised about how many beautiful women send you letters. But‚Ķour advice to you is to be very selective to whom you reply. Pay attention to your similarities with her. ¬†For example, if you are a father of six kids and would like to find a kind, mature mother for them, then it’s stupid to write letters to a 25 year old girl without kids. ¬†It will be quite difficult for her to even imagine herself as a step mother for your kids‚Ķ Also, chances are very high that she would want two or three more of her own‚Ķ So please, try to consider these important elements in the very early stage of communication, or even before communication at all…in order to not just totally waist your precious time and money trying to develop a relationship which realistically has no possibility of success!

Another example would be that if you’re a farmer living on a farm. ¬†It might not be such a great idea to choose a woman from a large city. ¬†You might still have a chance in this case, but please be aware of the upbringing, mentality and culture of a classy, well-educated Eastern-European lady. ¬†I remember one man who wrote me, who was always bragging about his hundreds of acres of land and stallions‚Ķ I honestly told him in one of my my first letters that in no way could I imagine myself living in such an environment, because I was so accustomed to the energy and busy life¬†of a huge city.¬† Andrew was sure that I would just love his wonderful and spacious farm as soon as I would see it. ¬†However, he was only wasting his time and energy with a lady like me.

Please try to realistically analyze who you will be happy with long-term… After all, this lady will be need to move half way around the world to be with you! ¬†And she needs¬† to be genuinely happily married to you!!! ¬†Don’t be selfish and unrealistic. ¬†Think of her genuine happiness first!!!

Hopefully, this will help at least a couple people to avoid some mistakes at the beginning of their journey.¬† But most importantly, we would like to hear your voice, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below!

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