From a Russian Woman to the World


It’s about time…

Hello and welcome to my new blog!

Being a matchmaker and owner of for more than a decade gave me a lot of insights I would like to share with others… The only way for me to start is simply to start typing now…from the beginning…because I wait and try to imagine something really original and extra-ordinary for my first blog post – I will never start…

   So here I go…

Hooray,  I DID IT! Apparently, it was easier than I thought, even though I still feel like a virgin here who is trying to seduce her first man.

Nice to meet you. My name is Antonia Larsen. I’m a Russian wife of an American man, mother of a teenage boy, co-owner of the happy community known as Together Forever Int., entrepreneur in my blood, orchestra conductor and folk singer by profession and education, certified relationship coach in training, and screenwriter in my soul…And if I forgot something I will add it later. 🙂

Also, I’m just a person who likes to communicate, and am interested in people as “creatures”, and enjoy psychology.

And by the way, this blog will not be just a fruit of my personal reflections…I’m a nubby volunteer from our team, which is a small group of wonderful people, co-owners of Together Forever Int… And you can get acquainted with all of them in the “About” page little bit later.

So, what is blog will be about??? First, I can easily tell you that we will not post:

  •  About how to earn $100 or $1000 per day.
  • About MLM, Marketing, Work from Home or any different earning money endeavors.
  • About politics or religion or confession. I’m a Christian (as well as all people in our team) but we respect all religions or “no religion” at all. We’ll not blog about it here. But we definitely will speak about the Spirit and Spirituality.

Our blog will be mostly about relationships, Love,  Eastern European traditions, phenomenon of Russian woman,  international couples and international marriages…Together Forever Int. is an International Marriage Club, a place where people from different part of the world meet each other…become closer, fall in Love, get married and start new families.

Also, there could be some personal development tips in my posts, because I’m a life long student of personal effectiveness and self improvement. Sometimes I will share with you some good thoughts, books and stories because I LOVE reading and enjoy sharing!

Okay, I think, it’s about time. One Chinese proverb says that the best time to start something important was twenty years ago. The next best time is…TODAY.

Please provide us with your feedback anytime. We are open for discussion and constructive criticism. The most important thing is to tell us what is in your mind.

Thank you very much for stopping by, and welcome again to this land of LOVE, Creativity and Freedom!


  • Martin says:

    “Love, Creativity and Freedom” what a wonderful space in which to find one’s self. With such guidelines, how can anyone go wrong.

    • togetherforever says:

      Appreciate your comment, Martin…Exactly! That is why we have a pure intention to create this space for ourselves and for people who are missing it in their life.

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