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Beauty will save the world,” says the prince in Dostoevsky’s unfortunately-titled The Idiot.

Slightly paraphrasing this statement, we’re saying  –  LOVE WILL SAVE THE WORLD…Everything under this sky is craving for love –  people, pets, and even our window plants….

Hello and welcome. Alan and Antonia Larsen, founders of “Together Forever International”  here.

We are in love, fell in love and our life is now bursting with and nourished by love. Since 2006 we helped hundreds of people find their soul-mate. And now, before the Grand Opening of our NEW (second) SITE we want to offer this same opportunity to men everywhere, as well as for the lovely and loving women on our site.

This is a worthy mission, to say the least, since Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. After all, the attainment of Love is the ultimate reason and purpose of our human journey.

So, not just both of us, but all our excellent team is dedicated to your success! Well, here we go!

lar_811 -FBAlan Larsen, co-founder, co–owner and “Daddy” of Together Forever International (TFI). He personally spent much time, effort, and money going through the internet dating process – made mistakes, learned much – and found success in finding his true soul-mate! So, now he can help other men with his practical advice and personal support.

Antonia Larsen, co-Founder, co-owner and “Mom” of TFI. She has been a matchmaker in her soul since she was 5, when she tried to “help” two frogs she caught in a city pond to kiss each other.:) Then, when she was a teenager, many of her girlfriends introduced their perspective boyfriends to her first  –  to get her “expert” feedback. Later, she opened her first marriage agency in Russia in 2001 and helped many singles to find their true love. Right now, as a certified relationship coach (CRC), she assists people with her passion and   skill, not just to make the right choice in finding their soul-mate but also to solve any potential relationship problems.


Dale Cunningham, co-owner, experienced web-developer, skillful strategist and CIO of our company.  Dale is also the brain and technical genius of TFI. It would be impossible to have our second site development and future grand reopening without his superb effort. It is interesting that when we invited Dale to join this endeavor he performed extensive research into this industry and even decided to try the experience for himself. The journey has changed his life, because not only is he our CIO, but he is also a happy client.




Tatiana Pushkareva, co-owner, a veteran of dating and marriage business with more than 15 years of experience. Tatiana is our Russian Queen of Greek origin. All our affiliated agencies in Ukraine in Russia are developing and co-operate with us under her strict guidance. All clients who decide to take our amazing and adventurous Ukrainian tours will be in her caring hands.



We sincerely hope that soon we will be able to know you better, too…Please provide us with your feedback anytime. We are open for discussion and constructive criticism. The most important thing is to tell us what is in your mind.

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